Mecplast: a successful partner

We want to set up the best workplaces all over the world – for the people, for the companies, for the environment. We support the success of big brands in the world of office chairs, designing the best plastic, practical, ergonomic and trendy components on the market. We choose to support companies in their unique creations for the final customer: from the research of new trends to the development of new projects, to production and finally to the selling of their products.


Mecplast is a leader in office chairs. Ergonomic, tough, design based and strong quality/price ratio: this is what Mecplast offers its customers for a contemporary life style. Mecplast’s production and commercial logistics means that we have a quick answer for the widest range of requirements, and the possibility of designing and manufacturing components on a made-to-measure basis according to the individual client’s request.

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Our products and the environment

Through every aspect of our business, at Mecplast we follow an integrated approach to environmental sustainability and we are committed to generating value for all stakeholders also from a green point of view.
In particular, we guarantee the reliability and durability of our components and finished products always having at heart the environment that surrounds us.

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Mission & Vision

To support the success of the big brands of the world of office chairs, designing the best components for office chairs in plastic material on the market: functional, ergonomic and design.
We choose to support them in creating value for the end customer, from the search for new trends, to the development of new projects, to the production, to the sale of their products.

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